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Who We Are

Company Bios

Founder & Owner

Mary Jo Dean has lived in the Cleveland area for over 30 years. She holds a BA in Philosophy and Literature from Maharishi International University, and Master of Fine Arts in dance from Case Western Reserve University. For three years, she was an Associate Professor of dance at North Texas State University. Upon her return to Cleveland, Mary Jo founded Maid Brite, and today remains as actively involved in the company as she was 25 years ago. Mary Jo is also a certified Life Coach, specializing in executive coaching; small businesses; second careers; and marriage, family and partnership dynamics.

General Manager
Dana Batisky

Dana is an Ohio native and has lived in Cleveland for over 23 years.  He attended Kent State University (Go Flashes!), has traveled extensively in the U.S., and has held managerial positions since his early twenties.  Dana, a self-professed cleaning fanatic, has been Maid Brite’s General Manager for fifteen years.  Dana’s is available Monday through Friday to accommodate requests, provide customer service, and share a little humor about life “these days”.

Our Staff
We choose our employees with the same care you take in selecting a house cleaning service. Maid Brite’s cleaners are personable, professional, trust-worthy and dedicated to impeccable service. Our hiring process is thorough and the training period extensive. Prospective employees are interviewed, their previous employment verified, and their backgrounds checked. After hired, new employees participate in a rigorous training program that includes studying the Maid Brite manual, practical testing, and site training. We work side-by-side with trainees until they have mastered every skill necessary to provide the highest quality cleaning service possible. Cleaning skills are best honed by washing floors and cleaning bathrooms—for this reason, trainees typically spend their first weeks in these areas. Each cleaning team is led by a supervisor or crew leader who is responsible for checking service quality before the team leaves the home; during site training, new employees often hear, “Go back—check again.” We continually up-grade the skills of our employees; and we believe in fostering professional development and supporting dignity in an industry that, though necessary, is often undervalued. We empower employees at each level of responsibility in order to improve work efficiency, communication, decision making, supervisory capacity, etc.

To retain and encourage our employees, we offer a variety of bonus opportunities, cost of living increases, flexible schedules, and health insurance benefits.
We currently have employees who’ve worked for us from eight to fifteen years.