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Top to Bottom Deluxe

Top to Bottom Deluxe (includes all of the General Clean) plus:

___ ceiling fans washed
___ light fixtures washed in place
___ thorough cleaning of wastebaskets in and out
___ spot wall washing (fingerprints & obvious marks)
___ thorough washing of all woodwork
___ thorough cleaning of blinds
___ vacuum tops of curtains
___ cobwebs removed
___ washing doors, door frames, and light switch plates
___ a thorough polishing of furniture.
___ a thorough washing of knick-knack’s and picture frames
___ dusting inside cabinets or high shelves not normally cleaned
___ a thorough vacuuming of all upholstered furniture
___ a thorough dusting of congested areas.
___ washing all baseboards, trim, and window sills

___ special attention to any build up
___ thorough cleaning of exterior of fridge
___ detailing appliances
___ thorough cleaning of cabinet & drawer faces
___ cleaning above cabinets or high shelves (clean displayed items not usually cleaned)
___ thorough cleaning of wall areas above counters & around range
___ thorough scrubbing of baseboards & floors

___ special attention to any build up
___ thorough cleaning of all tile walls
___ detailed cleaning of tub/shower (ie: shower door tracks, shower product racks)
___ thorough cleaning of cabinet & drawer faces
___ vacuum bath fans where applicable
___ clean congested shelves or other areas and the objects themselves

___ moving heavier items of furniture to vacuum behind & underneath (some very heavy items will still be out of our range)
___ rolling up larger area rugs to vacuum and or wash floor beneath, vacuuming underside of rug
___ edge wall to wall carpet
___ washing of wood floors not normally washed

Additional rooms/jobs as per mutual agreement
___ basement
___ attic
___ garage
___ rooms not regularly cleaned
___ patio furniture
___ window wells
___ thorough cleaning of interior cabinets & drawers
___ interior cleaning of oven (if no self cleaning cycle)
___ removing everything from closet floors to vacuum and or wash thoroughly
___ other________________________________

Maid Brite’s motto is “No Job too Dirty…No Job too Delicate”.

Billing for this type of service will be hourly, at the rate of $36 per person per hour. Given the many variables, it is not possible to provide an exact estimate, however we can provide a range of cost.