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Frequently Asked Questions

Maid Brite specialized in residential house cleaning in cleveland heights, beachwood, richmond heights, lynnhurst and surrounding area. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our cleaning services. If your are unable to find your answer below, please call (216) 410-0035!

How many people will be cleaning my home?? ↑ Top

Generally, we work in teams of two. Each team is overseen by a supervisor or crew leader who is responsible for checking service quality before the team leaves the home.


What time will the cleaning team arrive at my home? ↑ Top

Our workdays are Monday-Friday, 8:45 AM to 5:30 PM. Although we cannot guarantee a specific start-time, we do commit to a window of time, so that you can be certain about when your home will be finished. We will discuss your time preferences during the initial in-home estimate, and will try our best to adhere to those preferences.


What preparation is necessary for the cleaning team to complete the job in my home? ↑ Top

In order to give you the best value for your money, we ask that you tidy the night before. Generally, this means that clothes, dishes, toys and papers are not left in places that need to be cleaned.


Do I need to provide any cleaning supplies? ↑ Top

Maid Brite comes to your home fully prepared with cleaning supplies and equipment of the highest quality. If you have products that you would prefer we use, we are happy to use what you provide.


How is payment made for services? ↑ Top

Payment for service is due the same day as the work. We accept cash and checks.


Must I be home when you clean? ↑ Top

It’s your choice. Most of our customers prefer to leave us to our work. As well, most customers prefer to provide us with a key that is secured in our office. However, we do have customers that leave us a key in a safe place. Alarm systems are either turned off by you before you leave, or you can give us entry/exit codes. And of course if you don’t mind the roar of the vacuum, you are welcome to remain home while we clean.


How do you protect my keys? ↑ Top

Customer keys are given to the supervisor on the first day of your service. At the end of the day, our supervisors returns customer keys to the manager, and the manager secures the keys in a protected place.


Will the same team clean my home each visit? ↑ Top

In most cases, yes. However, sickness, vacation time and other scheduling issues may require another staff member to clean in place of your usual team.


How long is your staff in a house? ↑ Top

The cleaning time is dependent on the condition and the needs of the home.


How is a price for my home determined? ↑ Top

We base the fee on the condition and size of your home. See pricing for more information.


If I have pets, do I need to secure them while your team is cleaning? ↑ Top

No. All our employees are animal friendly. However, we do ask that you secure your pet if you know that your pet is hyper-protective of your home while you’re away. We love animals, but we don’t want your pet or our team to feel threatened.


What happens if one of your employees is injured in my home? ↑ Top

All of our employees are covered under our Workers’ Compensation Insurance. State law requires this. You cannot be sued or held liable for any injury to our employees. This is one of the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company to clean your home.


What if I am not satisfied with the cleaning that was done? ↑ Top

We want you to be happy, and if something has been missed or not done to your satisfaction, we request that you talk to the team supervisor and, as well, that you call our office. We ask that you contact us within 24 hours. We will note your concerns on a service report, so it is taken care of on the next visit. or we will send a team back to your home ASAP to correct the problem. The choice is yours.


Am I responsible to the IRS for Payroll and other Taxes? ↑ Top

Absolutely not. We pay all appropriate taxes, and social security. You have no responsibility to the IRS. This is one of many benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company to clean your home.